Solar heating systems

Due to our long lasting experience in the area of solar thermal technology with both vacuum tube and flat-plate collectors our solar systems guarantee best solar gain and highest cost effectiveness.

Tube collectors

Vacuum tube collector CPC
Vacuum tube collector CPC Nero

Best solar energy yield because of the high-vacuum in special double-shell glass and 58mm thick tubes plus high performance CPC-reflectors; absorber with special-selective coating AL-N/AL; copper U-pipes inside the tubes, every U-pipe is connected to the Tichelmann principle for a regular flow.

Flat plate collectors

Flat plate collector PremiumPlus AL
Flat plate collector PremiumPlus AL

TiNOx Energy full aluminium absorber coating with thick walled internally corrugated turbo pipes and very powerful heat transmission rate for highest solar energy yield, available with 2,86 m² gross surface area, best for all kinds of solar thermal applications, for example as DHW preparation, solar heating support or process heat generation

Flat plate collector SilverSun
Flat plate collector SilverSun

SilverSun collectors with copper-aluminium-absorber have a best price-performance ratio. The main characteristics are functionality and a high aesthetic design, which looks pretty good on each kind of roof. These collectors are best for heating support and DHW preparation in single or more family homes.

Combi collectors

Solar water heater NANOSOL 135
Solar water heater NANOSOL 135

NANOSOL 135 allows easiest preparation of DHW in a comfortable size due to free solar energy in nearly every location. Useable on the ground or on the balcony, patios, garden sheds etc. Applicable for mountain huts, allotments, pool showers, mobile homes.

Solar components

»A chain is only as strong as its weakest link«

- according to this phrase Solarbayer is choosing its system components. We only apply tested high quality system components in order to guarantee an enduringly proper and sustainable operation of your solar/ heating system.