Special made buffer tanks

Special made buffer tanks

„The pillars of modern energy management... ”

Manufactoring of special buffers in almost every sizes or variations

Solarbayer stratification buffers are one of the pillars of modern energy management. Heating with oil, gas or electricity is a financal risk for many people already today. The heating supply of the future hast to be another one than today. The sun and the renewable energies are partially without cost and in future they will replace the fossile energies like oil. For those renewable energie heating systems intelligent stratification buffer technics are required. The patented Solarbayer stratification system SLS® is the foundation stone for an economical optimized energy storaging.

Solarbayer has the complete bandwith of the storage buffer technic, just as the over a thousend times proven stratification buffer SLS, which can be used in almost every heating system, the high-performance heat pump tank WP or like large buffer tanks for industrial plants. Thus fully developed storage systems are available for all usages and from one source. The know-how of manufacturing buffers was continuously developed over the last years, so at this time Solarbayer is one of the leading system providers in the buffer manufactoring sector in Europe. The quality of Solarbayer products is designed for a long-life and secure operation. A permanent controlling and evaluating of the products quality and also of the manufacturing processes are guarantors for highest satisfaction of our cusomers.

Special buffers for large industrial plants

Example: Hofmühl-Brewery in Eichstätt, Bavaria

Approx. 1000 m² high performance vacuum tube collectors CPC supply environment neutral energy for the industrial heating processes, for example the brewhouse, the DHW, the bottle washer and also the whole heating system of the brewery in winter.

1 Megawatt sun energy replaces 80.000 l fuel oil - year by year, totally independet from fuel oil price and energy duties. This solar project was already honoured with the bavarian energy award in 2008 and with the predicate-label "Solarbier" from the SIMG in 2010.

120.000 liters buffer volume - to storage the heat from the sun collectors on demand for the heating processes of the brewery.

Special buffers for energy self-sufficient houses

Passive houses and low-energy-houses, where the main part of the energy is supplied by the solar system, are the future. We develop and produce the required buffer technic for this systems - the season buffer. With this it is possible to store effectively the overage of solar energy. In times, when more energy is needed, the stored energy is prepared for the system on demand. With a correct dimensioned buffer size it is possible to heat almost completely without an additional energy source.

Solar system with seasonal storage tank and a Solarbayer gasifying wood log boiler for the months with lesser sun. Manufactured for decades the tanks can be installed in new buildings but also when reconstructing the tanks can be integrated into the staircase. The thermal insulation is made by the building contractor with a packed bed solution. The simple and sophisticated connection construction guarantees a secure installation. All heating connections are positioned at the tanks bottom and all solar and DHW connections are positioned at the top.