Process heat for the Hofmühl Brewery

Approx. 1000 m² solar collector surface area with vaccum tube collectors CPC

In 2007 the Solarbayer GmbH applied for the technically highly sophisticated project to realize the worldwide largest solar system for breweries at the Hofmühl Brewery. The conclusive concept and the offered Solarbayer products finally brought about the contract for the company Solarbayer. Mister Kraus, CEO of the company Solarbayer: “Our tube collector CPC is among the most powerful tube collectors worldwide. The patented SLS® stratification buffer tanks, designed by us, have such exact stratification characteristics that it is possible to heat up the tanks to 130"C and therefore provide sufficient temperature for the generation of process heat.“

Since the system’s completion in July 2009 and the symbolic “lever throwing“ at the start of system it operates without any defects. Approximately 80.000 liter heating oil are saved annually. This is corresponding to the heating demand of approx. 30 single-family houses of elder construction, respecvely the heang demand of approximately 133 single-family houses whose construcon is according to the latest energy saving regulaon. The climate protection intentions of the federal government are only accomplishable in the long-run if the industry covers a large part of its energy demand with renewable energies as well. In cooperation with the Hofmühl Brewery the company Solarbayer has impressively demonstrated that it is technically manageable and economically advantageous.

The process heat necessary for the production processes in the brewery are mainly taken from the more than 1.000 m² large solar system. The energy tanks are two, specially designed, stratification tanks which have a diameter of 2,60 and a height of approx. 14 meters. This way of energy supply has proven to be efficient and highly economical. The CEO of the Solarbayer company, Mr. Kraus, is very proud that the solar system „by the way“ provides the majority of the brewery’s space heating in winter. In 2010 the Hofmühl Brewery was awarded the label „SOLARBIER® - Gebraut mit der Kraft der Sonne“ (Solar Beer - brewed with the power of the sun) which is controlled by the Technical University Munich, departement environmental technology.

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Installation of the both 60.000 litres stratification buffer tanks
Technic central with solar splitter and a buffer with 1000 liters integrated as a hydraulic separator
Installation of the both 60.000 litres stratification buffer tanks
Installation of the both 60.000 litres stratification buffer tanks