Solar water heater NANOSOL 135 Solar water heater NANOSOL 135

Solar water heater NANOSOL 135

Allows solar DHW preparation in every situation  ...

Easiest preparation of DHW in a comfortable size due to free solar energy. The water is heated directly inside the Nanosol Compact Solar Water Heater’s storage tank, which saves costs and reduces the risk of failure. Any heat loss is prevented by an insulated, UV-resistant box around the tank. Useable on the ground or on the balcony, patios, garden sheds etc. Applicable for mountain huts, allotments, pool showers or mobile homes.

Catch the sun!

The compact solar DHW heater NANOSOL 135 is perfectly suitable for solar hot water preparation in order to cover the basic hot water requirements with a little expenses and little effort. This system is the practical and favourable way to use free solar energy, without the application of any pumps, due to the fact that the NANOSOL combines both the solar panel and the hot water storage tank. In order to complete this "plug-&- play"-solar collector both the installation set and the security measures are integrated. The installation of the NANOSOL collector is similar to the installation of a satellite dish on balconies, patios, summerhouses or roofs. It is even possible to transport the collector from place to another, due to it’s easy and compact characteristics, f.e. in a mobile home.

Universal „satellite solar panel system“ – arrangeable almost everywhere!

The enameled hot water tank of the NANOSOL 135 is integrated in a special, thermally insulated, UV-resistant case. An ultra-high transparent polymer cover enables the direct heating of the hot water with sun light. The thermal mass of the tank as well as the insulation on the collector’s backside reduce the heat loss. The NANOSOL can optionally be filled with a 1,2 kW immersion heater with adjustable thermostat. On cloudy days the immersion heater can heat the DHW or it can be used as additional heater when the solar power is not sufficient enough to cover up the hot water requirements. Besides this, the immersion heater serves as antifreeze protection when the outside temperature is very low. But in this case you better empty the tank. Thus, the NANOSOL is an excellent, space saving solution when there is no space for a conventional solar hot water tank.

Take advantage of these benefits

  • no solar circulation pump necessary
  • PU solid foam insulation
  • high transparent cover for perfect transmission values
  • easiest installation and operation
  • makes DHW available almost everywhere
  • saves CO2 emissions
  • weather and UV-resistant materials

Connecting examples

Connecting examples
Connecting examples
Connecting examples

These examples are only for your information and do not substitude the technical planning!

Drawing examples

Technical specifications

Solar water heater
dimensions (L x B x H)
1080 x 1042 x 852
gross collector surface
cover transmission
capacity DHW tank
corrosion protection DHW tank inside
two-layer enamel coating inside
weight unfilled
Polyurethan foam
max. operating pressure
max. operating temperaturee
min. operating temperature (only with immersion heater)
connection cold/hot water
DN 20 (¾″)
immersion heater (optional)

Further informations of solar thermal energy

solar systems

12-page brochure, DIN A4
PDF-file, 1.27 MB


Nanosol 135

12-page brochure, DIN A4
PDF-file, 1.79 MB