Important notice:

Price adjustments for deliveries after April 1st 2022

Unfortunately, the procurement of raw materials - also as result of the war in the Ukraine - is becoming increasingly difficult. Large amounts of energy are required, especially in the steel industry. The energy sources used in the steel industry do not yet come from renewable, independent and safe local energy sources. This increased energy prices have influence on our production prices, especially in the field of biomass boilers and storage tanks. The acquisition of other raw and auxiliary materials also remains tense. In addition to the increased prices, these general conditions also have an impact on the time framework for the procurement of high-quality products as they are always used for Solarbayer products.

The positive news from Solarbayer for our customers is: thanks to our forward-looking purchasing policy, financial strength, and very large storage capacity, we still have almost all products available in our storage area for an immediate delivery.

However, a new inflation surcharge is now unavoidable. The following surcharges apply to the prices printed in the Solarbayer price list 2020/2021 from April 1st, 2022

Surcharge for deliveries from April 1st on
Pricelist (all items) + 10 % (unchanged)
Wood log and pellet boilers (Order n° 30…) + 20 %
Wood und pellet sets (Order n° 31…) + 20 %
Storage tanks (Order n° 10…) + 30 %

Please note: It is no addition to the inflation surcharge already valid since 01.07.2021!

Product Catalogue (main retail price list)


For price information on Solarbayer heat pumps, wood log boilers, solar collectors and storage sytems please download the PDF-version of the recent Solarbayer product catalogue.
All prices are including the German VAT of 19%. You also find many heating accessories, high-quality system components and spare parts. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to ask us.


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