Hygienic buffer tank HSK-OEKO

Hygienic buffer tank HSK-OEKO

Legionella-safe DHW preparation ...

Heat buffer tank with integrated stainless steel corrugated tube for legionella safe preparation of DHW, with well dimensioned heat exchangers out of circular tube, improved layering of the heating return line in the stratification pipe. Perfectly suitable for single and two family houses. Available standard sizes 700 und 1000 litres, each type with one stainless steel heat exchanger and two solar heat exchangers.

Legionella-safe and economical preparation of DHW with stainless steel heat exchanger

The cost efficient „HSK OEKO“ with integrated stainless steel corrugated hose for the preparation of DHW, is perfectly suitable for the economical application in single and two family houses. It convinces with its versatility just as much as the exclusive version „HSK-SLS“. Almost all heat generators, e.g. solar panels, oil/gas boilers, wood log boilers, electric heating elements, pellet boiler, etc. as well as the energy consumers (hot water and heating) can be operated by one single tank. Even though the buffer system is that multifunctional the effort of controlling the tank is kept very simple because all connections are constructed in such a way that each heat generator and consumer connected to the tank can operate absolutely independent, according to requirement and availability.

The DHW is freshly heated up by the corrugated stainless steel hose coiled in the tank. The advantages of a boiler and a continuous flow heater are cleverly combined in this system. An extremely fast heat transmittance from solar energy to hot water is achieved by an additional plain tube heat exchanger in the upper part of the tank.

The corrugated design precludes the calcification of the DHW. The heat exchanger insignificantly expands itself during heating up and cooling and thus limescale deposits are avoided as far as possible. During the removal the corrugated design causes velocity. These turbulences enable the washing out of the limescale particles together with the hot water. When necessary the stainless steel DHW heat exchanger could be rinsed with a suitable descaler. As you can see the cost efficient version „HSK-ÖKO“ with its outstanding quality sticks out of the wide range of conventional HSK tanks.

Take advantage of these benefits
  • connections arranged in 90° angle, possible installation in the corner
  • various connection possibilities
  • perfect heat stratification due to the stratification pipe
  • insulation thickness 100 mm, available either as fleece ISO-B1 or flexible foam insulation
  • high quality steel S235JR
  • large solar heat exchangers
  • legionella-safe DHW preparation
  • stainless steel corrugated hose 1.4404 with DVGW authorization
  • high hot water output
  • installation of an electric heating element possible

Successful detail solutions

Technical specifications

Hygienic buffer tank HSK-OEKO   700 1000
nominal capacity L 674 913
height with insulation [A] mm 1690 2090
height without insulation [B] mm 1610 2010
tilted height mm 1795 2040
diameter with insulation [C] mm 990 990
diameter without insulation [D] mm 790 790
insulation thickness mm 100 100
weight kg 185 240
max. operating temperature heating water bar 6 6
max. operating pressure heating water °C 95 95
max. size of electric heating element (optional) kW 6 6

standby heat loss according to EN 12897:2006,
with fleece insulation ISO-B1
  700 1000
standby heat loss W 115 128
energy efficiency class W -- --

standby heat loss according to EN 12897:2006,
with flexible foam insulation
  700 1000
standby heat loss W 139 147
energy efficiency class W -- --

specifications stainless steel DHW heat exchanger   700 1000
capacity L 39 39
heating surface 5,64 5,64
continuous tap output at 17 kW, TSP 65°C | CW 10°C/HW 45°C L/h 426 426
continuous tap output at 27 kW, TSP 65°C | CW 10°C/HW 45°C L/h 670 670
continuous tap output at 50 kW, TSP 65°C | CW 10°C/HW 45°C L/h 1200 1200
Ø stainless steel DHW heat exchanger mm 32 32
max. operating pressure DHW heat exchanger bar 6 6
max. operating temperature DHW heat exchanger °C 95 95
pressure drop (2 m³/h) °C 130 130

specification solar heat exchangers   700 1000
heating surface top 1,6 2,0
capacity top L 6,8 8,0
pressure drop top (2 m³/h) mbar 97 117
heating surface bottom 2,5 2,8
capacity solar bottom L 14,1 15,1
pressure drop bottom (2 m³/h) mbar 143 163
max. operating pressure bar 10 10
max. operating temperature °C 110 110
recommended min. collector surface 14 17

connections with dimensioning   700 1000
[1] de-airing (Rp 1″)   top top
[2] hot water (Rp 1″) mm 1370 1760
[3] solar flow inlet, top (Rp 1″) mm 1270 1610
[4] sensor/thermometer (Rp ½″) mm 1220 1550
[5] sensor solar, top (Rp ½″) mm 1150 1400
[6] sensor/thermometer (Rp ½″) mm 1060 1300
[7] solar return, top (Rp 1″) mm 970 1230
[8] electric heating element (Rp 1 ½″) mm 900 1100
[9] sensor/thermometer (Rp ½″) mm 730 1040
[10] solar flow inlet, bottom (Rp 1″) mm 830 940
[11] sensor/thermometer (Rp ½″) mm 550 640
[12] sensor solar, bottom (Rp ½″) mm 480 480
[13] solar return, bottom (Rp 1″) mm 370 380
[14] cold water (Rp 1″) mm 270 280
[15] heating return (Rp 1″) mm 170 170
[16] wood log boiler return (Rp 1″) mm 360 360
[17] not occupied (Rp 1″) mm 560 560
[18] oil/gas boiler return (Rp 1″) mm 810 870
[19] heating flow (Rp 1″) mm 980 1190
[20] boiler flow (Rp 1″) mm 1120 1410
[21] boiler flow (Rp 1″) mm 1290 1650

Manufacturing tolerance according to DIN ISO 13920 C
Please take the instructions for installation/start up/maintenance from the relevant operation manuals

Further product informations

Brochure heat storage tanks
heat storage tanks

16-page brochure, DIN A4
PDF-file, 1.2 MB


Manual hygienic stratification buffer tank HSK-OEKO
hygienic stratification buffer tank HSK-OEKO

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