More transparency on the thermal sector due to energy efficiency labeling

HEATINGlabel In Germany, energy requirements for heating and hot water of buildings takes over the most pro rata part of the energy consumption besides that of the industry. Thus, there is a major saving potential in this sector. The labeling obligation shall provide an easy way of comparison for the consumer before the purchase.

The installing trade is obliged to forward information on energy efficiency (datasheet, label, etc) to its customers already when quoting the products. The company Solarbayer, as a member of the German „Spitzenverband Heizungstechnik VdZ“ (head association of building technology), holds all requirements for this and thus can provide all necessary information for you and your customer.

The label can be a criterion for aligning a heating system. Nevertheless, no conclusions can be drawn onlyon the basis of a good energy classification! Example: The application of an air/water heat pumped labeled „A++” in a not renovated building can neither fulfill the thermal requirements nor contribute to cost savings.

Member of VDZ HEATINGlabel When choosing a suitable and cost-saving system it is still important to assemble the system components that are technically and economically best for the desired application. The company Solarbayer offers the best possible support for in this case. Solarbayer can create your individual composite label with Solarbayer products in combination with other manufacturers. Our products are perfectly aligned to each other in order to have a heating system with the utmost efficiency.