Air/Water heat pumps AeroMono

The future-proof of heating ...

The Solarbayer heat pumps AeroMono are operating environmentally friendly, clean and without any emission. Most part of the heating energy, approx. up to 75%, is taken from ambient air. Thus only approx. 25% of the energy needed is required by electric current (either by your own photovoltaic system of by your local energy provider). The majority of the energy is directly in front of your door and thus offers a soothing supply guarantee. The operator of such an economical system has the possibility to guarantee an almost independent self supply, for example by the application of a photovoltaic system. With an appropriately dimensioned system it even is possible to have a surplus on energy which can be fed into the public grid.

Operation mode of air/water heat pumps

Air/water heat pumps operating in a similar way as a refrigerator – only the energy flow is in a reverse way. In a refrigerator the detracted heat is dispensed to the outside. Whereas the heat pump takes the heat from ambient temperature and converts low temperature into high temperatures (temperature). This happens due to the continuous changes of the state of the refrigerant medium in the heat pump circuit. First of all, the medium is evaporated, then compressed in order to dispense the heat to the heating water in the condenser afterwards. The heat pump is able to reach a maximum flow line temperature of approx. 55 °C and is thus perfectly suitable for low temperature heating systems in new or in already redeveloped buildings.

Comfortable, efficient and environmentally friendly!

The application of a heat pump is your contribution to the conservation of nature and environment as well as to elongate the availability of fossile energy sources such as oil and gas. In order to further develop the market share of renewable energies on the thermal market heat pumps are often supported by the governement or also by the communities. The heat pump which in best case is operated in combination with low temeprature heatings (mainly wall or underfloor heatings) offers the highest possible comfort of heating, operating and living. The low flow line temperatures increase the economic efficiency of the heat pump. Furthermore, the cozy warmth of the panel heating takes care of a steady indoor temperature.

More living space for your home and an extremely economical consumption!

You no longer are in use of a boiler room as formerly needed for „outdated“ heating sources such as oil or gas boilers and thus, the room can now be used as a recreation or utility room for example. You no longer need a storage room for fuels, the installation or assembly of a chimney as well as the measurement costs by the chimney sweeper are omitted. Therefore the operating costs are low and manageable. One of the best solutions is to combine the heat pump heating system with a solar thermal system because it can then function not only as central heating device but it can also fulfill several other thermo-technical tasks in the low temperature area, for example pool heating. The entry into heat pump technology is made easy by the technically mature and easy system. The compact heat pump is assembled outside and thus no separate boiler room is needed inside the house, it is only the tank that is located inside. Systemic hydraulic components are pre-installed in the outdoor device due to this, the installation of the air/water heat pump is easy and fast. The biggest advantage however is that the professional installer of heating systems only has to connect the heating water inside with the outside whereas all cooling technical components are already pre-installed. Thus, all installation work can be mastered fast and easy. You get a complete heating system with highest efficiency when you combine our heat pump with a Solarbayer SLS stratification tank. Several energy sources can be used due to the perfectly aligned hydraulic. No matter if you would like to use wood log boilers, thermal solar systems, photovoltaic systems, electric heating or conventional oil/gas/pellet boilers, almost everything is possible.

Benefit from many advantages
  • no additional expenses for chimney sweep or boiler maintenance
  • integrated high efficient pump
  • flexible installation outside
  • heating mode up to an ambient temperature of –25°C
  • very silent due to night quiet operating mode
  • automatic switchover between heating mode and DHW preparation
  • comfortable controller technology
  • integrated electric heating element
  • save space in your home (a special boiler room is not neccessary)


heat pumps AeroMono dimensions

Technical specifications

performance characteristics WP 11 AM WP 16 AM
operating condition A+7/W35 nominal heating capacity kW 11,20 16,00
power input kW 2,51 3,72
COP 4,46 4,30
operating condition A+2/W35 nominal heating capacity (incl. defrost) kW 8,11 10,69
power input (incl. defrost) kW 2,42 3,34
COP (incl. defrost) 3,35 3,20
operating condition A+7/W35 nominal heating capacity kW 6,49 9,15
power input kW 2,46 3,56
COP 2,64 2,57

energy efficiency class due to EU regulation Nr. 811/2013
(heating, average climatic conditions)
  WP 11 AM WP 16 AM
at low temperature W35   A+ A+
at medium temperature W55   A+ A+
product label   PDF PDF

basic specifications   WP 11 AM WP 16 AM
height mm 1418
width mm 1435
depth mm 382
weight kg 180
casing colour ivory white
cover material painted galvanized steel plate
piping connections heating Ø DN 32 (1 ¼")
air flow rate heating m³/min 90
compressor type hermetically sealed scroll compressor
compressor starting method inverter driven
ambient operation range for heating °C -25 ... +35
water operation range for heating °C +15 ... +55
ambient operation range for DHW preparation °C -25 ... +43
water operation range for DHW preparation °C +25 ... +70
sound power level heating (independently of distance) dB(A) 64 66
sound pressure level heating (at 1m distance in front of the unit) dB(A) 49 53
sound pressure level (night quiet mode) dB(A) 42 43
refrigerant type   R-410A
refrigerant charge kg 2,95
refrigerant oil type   Daphne FVC68D
refrigerant oil charged volume kg 1

electrical specifications   WP 11 AM WP 16 AM
power supply V/~/Hz 400/3/50
running current max. heating A 14
recommended fuse A 20
pump power input W 210

Certified system technology – made by Solarbayer

The application of this high efficient Solarbayer air/water heat pump in combination with our full system technology, which had already been checked by the testing labratory together with the heat pump, offers you an optimization of your complete heating system. An optimized application and an easy installation is guaranteed by the system components offered in our heat pump sets, especially with the patented HSK-SLS stratification buffer tank and the connection box developed by Solarbayer as well as with the connection components for a plug-in installation. A combination with other heat sources (solar thermal collectors/wood log boiler/ photovoltaic panels, etc.) is possible without any problems. The buffer bridges usual blocking time of the heat pump power.

Further product informations

Brochure heat pumps

heat pumps

12-page brochure, DIN A4
PDF-file, 1.16 MB


Technic easy explained

Video of the operating mode of Solarbayer heat pumps AeroMono (language in German)

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