Fire protection insulation ISO-B1

Fire protection insulation ISO-B1

If we are talking about safety in the boiler room there is no alternative to our brand new insulation „ISO-B1®“.

Our fire protection insulation „ISO B1“ guarantees perfect insulation quality. In accordance with DIN 4102-1: 1998-05 the insulation is difficult to ignite. The water-repellent characteristics of the fire protection insulation enable the application of an additional bottom insulation (included in scope of delivery) which guarantees an even better protection from heat loss.
The fire protection insulation ISO-B1 is available with extra charge for our stratification buffer tanks SLS, HSK-SLS and HSK-OEKO.

Technical specifications

proof of fire behaviour according to DIN 4102-1: 1998-05 Fire classification B1
thickness of the fiber mat insulation, not compressed 115 mm
thickness of PVC foil (color: grey) 0,55 mm
lambda value (at 10°C ambient temperature) 0,039 W/m²K
standby loss (with a tank capacity of 750 L) 126 W/h

Test report MPA Hannover

This test report can serve as basis for the prescribed proof of usability in the building-authority process.