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Air/water heat pump AeroMono INVERT

Heat pumps are the modern way of heating.

The Solarbayer air/water heat pump AeroMono Invert

Heat pumps AeroMono INVERT are compact air/water heat pumps with modulating operating mode for outdoor application with a performance of 7 kW, 11 kW and 16 kW. The modulating operating mode enables excellent COP values and an extremely economical operation.

Wood log boiler HVS LambdaControl

Wood log boiler HVS LambdaControl

Warmth to feel comfortable with energy from nature

For years now, our wood log boilers HVS are at the forefront regarding the performance. Due to consequent development on our proven wood log boiler series all our boilers fulfill the latest exhaust gas regulations.

Vacuum tube collector CPC

Solarbayer Vacuum tube collector CPC

Perfect usage of solar thermal energy

At the moment, the vacuum tube collector CPC from Solarbayer are among the most powerful solar panels on the market. The 58 mm thick double jacket vacuum tubes made of special solar glass guarantee a high yield of solar thermal energy.

Stratification Buffer Tank SPS

Solarbayer Stratification Buffer Tank SPS

The tank that anticipates

The stratification buffer tank SPS with patented stratification system SLS® perfectly stores the energy in layers, the heat is instantly available. The heat source for this unique system is arbitrary.


Keyword energy efficiency –
heat pumps on the lead concerning efficiency

According to the recently published "Leitfaden Energieeffizienz" des Bundesverbandes Wärmepumpe e.V. (BWP) (a guideline of energy efficiency published by Federal Association of Heat Pumps) already with an seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 2,0 heat pumps consume less primary energy than a gas boiler. Heat pumps with a SEER of 4,0 the primary energy savings are around 51% and from 2016 on even 63% (source: BWP)

Thus, the Solarbayer air/water heat pump AeroMono INVERT are way ahead of condensing boilers concerning energy efficiency and should definitely be first choice when adherence of the maximum primary energy consumption in accordance with the updated German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEv) is regarded. A big advantage of air/water heat pumps compared to brine/water or brine/brine heat pumps is the apparently more favorable purchase price and the far easier installation, as well as the save and the environmentally friendly operation. According to the BWP buildings with heat pumps fulfill the legal efficiency standards without problems. Hence, house builders can already save a lot of money during building when planning smartly. Heat pumps are getting more and more efficient in their energy balance since the share of power from renewable energies in power mixture increases.

New: fire protection insulation ISO-B1

Brandschutzisolierung ISO-B1

The fire protection insulation ISO-B1 is available against extra charge for the tank series SPS and HSK-SLS. With the new fire protection insulation “ISO-B1” you have the guarantee for perfect insulating properties. The insulation is difficult to ignite in accordance with DIN 4102-1: 1998-05

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Upcoming open house day

Energie- und Forsttag in Preith

April 26th 2015,
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

In the show rooms of Solarbayer GmbH.

Gain insight to the performance of the Solarbayer wood log boiler during the all-day heating demonstration. Furthermore, we inform you about the latest innovations of Solarbayer heat pump, solar and wood log boiler technology.

Solarbayer media center

Product videos on Solarbayer media center

The Solarbayer media center contains product videos, for example on the wood log boiler HVS or on the stratification buffer tank SPS as well as helpful tips and tricks for heating.

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We also offer training classes for our HVAC customers in English. Our speakers are specialists with many years of experience who impart the technical knowledge.
Further information as well as the participation form can be found in our installer/reseller area.




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