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Company Solarbayer

The company Solarbayer, a family-run company, has gained a respectable market share throughout the last years. Manufacturing plants have been predominantly relocated to Germany. Furthermore, distribution centers in Austria and Italy have been founded to be close to our customers.

Martin Kraus, CEO of Solarbayer GmbH: „Our products are characterized by quality and operating reliability. Nowadays this is known far beyond the boundaries of Germany. Our maxim is, and always will be, to offer outstanding products at a good price-performance ratio. This is what contributes to our higher-than-average success on the market, as well as our know-how on behalf of industrial large scale plants. This know-how is our basis. Innovation in technology, modern manufacturing processes, a solid financial and company structure as well as a clear and innovative sales policy are the cornerstones of our company. This static guarantees the company’s necessary stability and enables it to withstand, with a high safety factor, the enormous compressive forces of the market for renewable energies.” Representative polls show the satisfaction of our customers. We guarantee our customers that we will try everything to meet this considerable trust placed in us in the future as well.

Current there are no dates for Exhibitions.
For business-partners:
For our business-partners we offer special trainings and technical workshops all-the-year. Our training leaders have long-time experiances to convey the installers and planners the special techical know-how. More informations or the registration form is available after login in our business-partner area (at the moment only in german language).

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